[Food Review] Lunch Package@Bureau Gastro

It’s been a while since I had last lunch-out \(^o^)/

This time, full team (Me, Husband and Baby) went to Bureau Gastro@Plaza Pondok Indah II. This restaurant is originally a night-pub –definitely not a family restaurant with baby-friendly environment -but at lunch time, said my friend Hasegawa-san, they serve delicious lunch package. Well, can’t miss this opportunity. and YES, they have Pretty Good Lunch Package for only IDR 59K++ (About IDR 70K inclusive Tax+Service Charge).

Arriving at 11:30 a.m, we were the first customer. The restaurant was quiet and peaceful, without any tobacco smoke (I concern a lot about tobacco smoke everytime I go to air-conditioned fancy restaurants). We were offered list of food that goes into lunch package. They had loads of combination and were included Free Drink of either Ice Tea or Mineral Water. Good enough. As my habit of eating out in fancy restaurant, I always order Pasta as main course. –Not very good reasoning but- Pasta is considered easier-recipe (compare to those Indonesian recipe that require too many ingredient) but it has some level difficulty a chef need to pass. So for me, Pasta should be good or I’m out.

Okay, let’s start to review the food one by one

1. My Lunch Package

Clockwise : Thai Chicken Salad (App), Spaghetti A.O.P (Aglio Olio), Cheese Cake
Clockwise : Thai Chicken Salad (App), Spaghetti A.O.P (Aglio Olio), Cheese Cake

Appetizer : Thai Chicken Salad

I underestimated the meaning of lunch package because sometimes the chef would reduce the portion, but this one was a treat. The salad wasn’t as small as I thought. It was enough! Yes it was enough for giant-filling stomach like me, as appetizer. Appearance was tempting, the sauce was delicious (sour, sweet, a bit spicy with good proportion) and the chicken was tender. For me, Appetizer should be just good, not overwhelming the main course.

5 of 5

Main Course : Spaghetti A.O.P

I don’t know what P stands for, but this was Spaghetti Aglio Olio with generous amount of Beef Bacon. Love Bacon! The Spaghetti was cooked al dente with proper amount of olive oil. This Aglio Olio was sufficiently oily, but didn’t leave oily-fat traces  in my mouth. Plus, Bacon was cooked first and I think they mixed into the pasta afterwards. It did taste bacon in the oily, but no bacon-fat in the trace. Well done, Chef! The only downhill was the amount. As in any lunch package, they would reduce portion in the main course and I think my spaghetti was less than 150gram. Otherwise, this is perfect.

4.8 of 5

Dessert : Cheese Cake

I don’t fancy sweet food in any way. This dessert was just good. Love the cheese cake but I would comment on other thing. While the appearance looked so delicious, they put unnecessary ingredient : Choco Sprinkle. I think a slice of cheese cake with blueberry sauce and a bit of whip cream on the side will do just great. Erase the Choco Sprinkle and I will say It was perfect.

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2. My Husband’s Lunch Package

Clockwise : Mushroom Soup, Chicken Teriyaki with Rice, Apple Strudel
Clockwise : Mushroom Soup, Chicken Teriyaki with Rice, Apple Strudel

Appetizer : Mushroom Soup

I tried it and this, without a doubt, was one of the most delicious mushroom soup I’ve ever eaten. While it may sound exaggerating, This is mushroom soup where you will find no mushroom chunk in it. I was surprised because I was hoping to find large piece of champignon or Shiitake or any mushroom. This was like Mushroom Pureed, but tasted so good. Creamy with just enough saltiness and rich flavor of mushroom. A winner!

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Main course : Chicken Teriyaki with Rice

I ate half of my husband’s portion because he was full (LOL am I big eater) and it tasted good. I ate Chicken teriyaki hundred times before, what I like about this teriyaki was the sauce. It wasn’t like chicken teriyaki sauce I know. I wouldn’t argue about the chicken itself, as it was well-properly-cooked with sufficient crunchiness. The teriyaki sauce usually has a bit of soyu taste, but this one wasn’t japanese-thingy. I would refer to -more-korean-style sauce but it wasn’t spicy either. Better taste it for yourself.

4.5 of 5

Dessert : Apple Strudel

All desserts had chocolate sprinkle, so I think this is restaurants policy. Apple Strudel tasted Good! I’m not very objective because I haven’t tasted many apple strudels before.. but this one was delicious. Proper sweetness to close our lunch that day.

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3. Hasegawa-san’s Lunch Package

Clockwise : Mushroom soup, Wagyu Black Pepper, Banana Split
Hasegawa-san’s. Clockwise : Mushroom soup, Wagyu Black Pepper, Banana Split

Appetizer : Same with my husband’s

Main Course : Wagyu Black Pepper

Wow Wagyu! Can you imagine Wagyu included in Lunch Package? I always thought Wagyu is forever-ala carte dish because it’s expensive. When my friend took the first bite, she commented, “Taste like Beef Black Pepper”. I joked, “Ofcourse it is, they are after all beef”. But… Definitely taste soooo much better. As you expected in Wagyu, the meat texture was soft, easy to chew and juicy. Juicy-ness is the winning factor here. The black pepper sauce was spicy enough and didn’t have burnt-flavor, Love it! Pity it’s only half the ala carte portion (my guess), maybe just about 50gr. Aww I’m too greedy.

4.5 of 5

Dessert : Banana Split

I didn’t try the Banana Split. I hoped Hasegawa-san would comment on the ice cream (because banana is banana, wherever you go).

One more thing..

I ordered ala carte menu : Margarita Pizza (IDR 55k)

Didn’t I say I was too greedy? HAHA…

In addition to being hungry, again I underestimated the content of lunch package. I thought the spaghetti was too small and my stomach was too big so I ordered Pizza. Waiting 15 minutes and Pizza came. Not long after I craved my 3rd slices, my baby started to cry and I realized it was time to wrap it up. I asked the waiter to bring dessert immediately and had the rest of pizza to take home. Guess what? I was utterly full (but still ate the cheese cake)

Margarita pizza –being the simplest form of pizza– was packed with generous amount of mozarella, cheddar cheese and tomatoes. I think they need to add more basil in this pizza. Pizza dough was crispy, so yummy.. and it still tasted good after I brought home (I ate it 3-4 hour after went back home).

Free Drink of Ice Tea, Margarita Pizza
Free Drink of Ice Tea(Big Glass), Margarita Pizza
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