Pizza-ish Omelette

Pizza-ish Omelette

Forgive the silly name I put. This is just another easy recipe for me using whatever ingredients I found in my fridge.

It’s an omelette, but I decorated it like Pizza hehe..


Ingredients :

1 Ripe Tomato

Few Sausages (up to your taste)

3 Eggs

1/4 Onion

1 stick green onion

Salt (optional)

Rice Bran Oil for cooking (or other oil)


How to cook :

1. Cut Tomato into 1-cm-wide vertically (I hope you are not confused, just see the picture).

2. Thinly-cut sausages, green onion and onion. Beat the eggs.

3. Heat up the oil in the non-stick cooking pan (I used Happy Call).

4. Fry the onion until translucent

5. Add sausage, stir-fry in a little bit

6. Spread the beaten eggs evenly in the pan, garnish with tomato, green onion. Add pinch of salt if you like (I like it unsalted).

7. Close the frying pan with lid, or close your happy call. Cook through and Serve.


-Happy Cooking-


Breakfast 6/11/12

Today’s breakfast

Today’s menu are  : Omelette, Potato, Salad and Juice (forgot to take pics of the juice).


# Omelette

– 3 eggs (beaten)

– sprinkle of salt

– 20 gr onion (minced)

– 20 gr tomato (minced)

– canola oil for frying


# Salad

– 1/2 pcs Zucchini (thinly sliced)

– Lettuce (as much as you like)

– tomato (cut into 1/4 moon shape)

– onion (as much as you like)

– Mayonaise ( a little bit)


# Potato

– 1 medium potato (cut to medium chunks)

– butter

– dried rosemary


# Juice

– 5 pcs strawberries

– 1 1/2 pcs banana

– 1 tbsp condensed milk

– water 100-150 ml (thickness can be adjusted)


How to cook :


1) Heat up the oil in fry pan, saute onion and tomato until translucent.

2) Add beaten egg, mix well, and make 1/2 moon shape-omelette.

3) Serve with tomato or chilly sauce


# Salad

1) Prepare everything, and serve in a plate. Add Mayonaise to your choice.



1) Cut potato into medium chunks, wash to remove the starch. Bring to boil until soft.

2) Drain water till dry, add butter, mix untill well-coated.

3) Sprinkle dried rosemary and serve hot.


# Juice

1) Mix banana, strawberry, condensed milk and water in a blender. Blend until smooth.

2) Chill in the fridge before serve.