Tuna Pancake

Tuna Pancake

I’m back with easy recipe. As usual, I’m so lazy to cook and I made this instant Tuna Pancake.

Ingredients :

1 can Tuna Chunks in Oil

1 egg, beaten

A couple of Cellery leaves, finely chopped

Chopped green onions

1/2 tbsp all-purpose flour

Cooking oil (optional)


How to cook :

1. Drain Tuna’s oil as much as possible using strainer to reduce saltiness. Set aside.

2. Mix all ingredient until blended.

3. Heat the frying pan and put Tuna mixture one by one in the pan. Fry until both side are slightly brown (I made small round-shape, instead of large).

4. Serve on a dish. It goes well with white rice 🙂


Happy ‘Lazy’ Cooking!