Allergic reaction

I have bad allergy to chocolate.

I really love them, but it caused a lot of trouble to my nasal.

———- First ——————

Well, Another impulsive/obsessive thinking. Learning how to express myself through writing.

It’s a good thing, so I will try.


It’s a trial of me writing.. so you can always ignore it.

then, I absolutely don’t have the ability to make blog attractive for people reading,

at least I am being honest about it.


don’t be scared to express one self even if you have allergic reaction.

As I write this line, my neck is itching. Maybe I have another allergy beside chocolate.


I’m pathetically awful in lying.

———Fifth ——————–

So many idea in my head but when writing, suddenly the sky absorbs it..

That’s it.



I’m officially a blogger today.

Wish me luck.. and pray I will always update this web every other day.

This will not be scientific-based writing, I will splurge everything in my mind to let anyone be opinionated. and by the way, I despise myself when writing too long, so I will keep it as short as possible.