[Food Review] Gambretti Pomodoro@Parc19

Gambretti Pomodoro


Gambretti Pomodoro
IDR 85k + Tax

Location : Parc 19 Jl. Taman Kemang no. 19, Kemang Jakarta

Phone : +622171794808 / +62217199988

Twitter : @parc19

Review :
Not an extreme foodgasm but you can rely on the taste. Gambretti Pomodoro served with choice of pasta (gnocchi, spaghetti, fettucine, penne)and I chose spaghetti as basic of judgement. I wanted it on gnocchi but too bad gnocchi was out. Covered with a lot of oily spiced thin sauce,  I’d say it’s good but slightly oily. If I could choose, I’d prefer drier texture. As any other pasta with prawn, I expected juicy-melt-in-the tongue kinda prawn, but this one wasn’t. Overcooked? Well, I should ask the chef. Overall, it’s good but not heavenly good. Price should be reduced to IDR 79k.

Rating : 3 out of 5


Campina LuVe Litee Ice Cream


Campina Ice Cream released new product “LuVe Litee”, claimed to be the first vegan-friendly/diet-friendly/diabetic-friendly ice cream in Indonesia (Check out the url http://food.detik.com/read/2011/11/08/160654/1763064/294/campina-perkenalkan-luve-litee)

This product said to have 3 advantages compared to other “usual” ice cream :

  1. Non-Dairy. They use Soya-based instead of cow Milk.
  2. Low Fat.  it goes by Soy-bean advantage.
  3. Vegan-Friendly. Because other Ingredients are Soya Protein, Vegetable fat, and Vegetable emulsifier.

(I’m reading the ingredient at the moment found no words that refer to non-veggies)

So Far, I have tried Raspberry Rosella.

LuVe Litee Raspberry Rosella Low Fat

my review on this :

  1. Packaging 110 ml is just sufficient enough for 1-2 servings. It’s easily hand-carry for picnic, and save lots of space inside freezer. Plus, it has (bonus)plastic spoon hidden inside the cap.
  2. (Maybe because it doesn’t contain dairy product) It melts very quickly in the room temperature. It only took less than 3 minutes since I started my first spoon till some of it melted.
  3. The taste was surprising. Raspberry, I tried. Rosella, I tried the tea. but combination of two is really unique. Plus, there’s one hidden surprise inside the ice cream, it looks like Raspberry Jam (or whatever, I can not describe).
  4. Sweetness, however, is the turning point. While they claimed it to be Diet-Friendly, it tasted TOO sweet. I wouldn’t lie, it’s actually sweeter than any same taste ordinary dairy ice cream I have tasted.  The Ingredient said Sugar, not some Aspartame or other Fake Sugar, which means it’s the Real Deal. So, I doubt if it’s still suitable for diabetic-consumers.

I’m trying the other 2 flavors, I hope it reaches my expectation.

After All, Who doesn’t want Healthy-Tasty-Free of Guilt- Ice Cream?


IDR : How should it be counted?

Since I live in Indonesia and IDR is the currency, I am always curios how Government made regulation of our currency. Being not having economic-background, I only could wonder and wonder how money system goes in my daily life. Now that I am officially a wife and financial regulator of the family, my curiosity goes way higher than before. Let’s make an example :

I went shopping in Alfamidi (one of nearest convenience/grocery store cause they sell veggies). I bought
BokChoy Leaf IDR 3,790
Eggplant IDR 6,118

Total IDR 16,523

How much did I pay?
If with Debit card, I can pay exact amount, but in case of CASH, It’s either IDR16,500 or IDR 17,000.
Come of think of it now, It is weird.

First) It is either Profit for the store or for me.
Seems like every transaction have to be decided on spot, by the cashier. If number goes more than x,600 as IDR 16,875.. then Cashier will automatically round it to IDR 17,000. Imagine if 1 day 100 customer with 100 of round-up-transaction, That goes the profit.

Second) No IDR 1/5/10/25 coin
I used to have IDR 50 coin, but refer to my experience, everybody rejected it as if it has no value. Which leaves more curiosity, Why bother making it if nobody use it? and why bother counting with fancy number if there ain’t real money to substitute the number? In bigger picture, accounting will calculate it on their device and find ” Okay, this month we lost about IDR 456789 or we got plus IDR 67898″. That goes very common in the report, but in reality we dont have the physical-money.

Third) Fair Calculation.

As I mentioned in point no.2, It is unfair for the citizen. IDR 1 coin (if exist) should save thousand of the poor. Not many people carry big amount of money  IDR 100,000 cash in reality.In most transaction, they would offer to trade IDR 50 or 100 coin with a candy. Say how much the candy actually worth???? then why candy? Can I trade with few grindle of peppers? Can I trade with one grain? Can I trade with one needle? That amount about the same. Honesty in handling money is an entry point to judge honesty in other field. No wonder we live in rotten-corrupted country. Because everybody is being negotiable. Money calculation is never negotiable.

As closing statement, I will tell a story about my exchange year in Japan.

In Japan,  ¥1 coin does have value. It’s smallest change yet people always use it. My truly best friend once had lots of ¥1 in his pocket. when he counted it, the total was almost ¥65, plus he got ¥50 coin, So all he had ¥115. Did it cover to buy one ONIGIRI (japanese rice ball)?? Yes! and the Cashier really didnt mind receiving 65 pcs of ¥1 coin.  SEE??

P.S : To Respectable Government, Small Money is never too small for a living. Big Money sometimes means nothing for a living. I wish somebody hear..


-Author (Says I am not that smart, but I do think)-

Supermarket punya barang bagus, kok saya ga ditawari ya?

3 bulan terakhir saya sering belanja di berbagai supermarket dan mini market. Yang terdekat dengan rumah adalah carrefour express taman aries, superindo, alfamidi, alfamart, dan indomaret. Khusus 3 toko yang saya sebutkan pertama, saya cukup sering kesana karena harus belanja sayur-sayuran. Ini yang akan saya bahas.

Probabilitas saya belanja dengan membawa shopping bag adalah 70-30. artinya biasanya memang bawa kecuali di hari yang ga ada rencana belanja. karena sering belanja, saya jadi tahu kalau di supermarket ini mereka punya kampanye penggunaan shopping bag.

Misalnya di alfamidi, di salah satu rak display tidak jauh dari kasir, terdapat tas go green buatan alfa yang dipajang.

atau di carrefour ada green bag seperti di bawah. Pernah lihat kan?

carrefour bag
Go Green Alfa Mart Bag
Desainnya menarik hati saya untuk mendapatkannya. Tapi yang saya bingung, KOK SAYA GA DITAWARI YA?

Saya pikir 2 toko ini pasti melakukan akan melakukan promosi Go Greennya tapi ternyata kasirnya ga diajarin untuk promosi ini. Kalau begini kan sama aja bo’ong dong kampanye cinta lingkungannya.

Buat AlfaMidi dan

Carrefour Express, Memang melatih orang memakai shopping bag itu ga gampang. Tapi better you offer it than straightly pulling up your plastic amo.

Beberapa kali saya belanja di kedua supermarket ini, kronologisnya selalu sama :

a) saya mendekati kasir dengan belanjaan yang segambreng

b) orang kasir langsung (literally automatically) mengeluarkan tas plastik dari sisi bawah meja kasir

c) saya memberi sinyal dengan tangan : “Mbak, ga usah pake plastik”

d) kasir tetap bersikeras memasukkan belanjaan saya ke plastik

e) Dengan nada sedikit tinggi ” mbak, saya bawa TAS INI.. Tolong masukkan ke sini”

f) bilamana saya sedang membeli telur, kronologis menjadi bertambah. percakapan saya menjadi begini

— telurnya saya bungkus ya —-

—- ga usah mbak, taruh di tas saja tapi nanti terakhir diatas—

—  (kasir ngeyel dan tetap mengeluarkan plastik bening)

— Mbak saya bilang ga usah!!—

(fiuhhh) siapapun yang beli telur curah pasti tahu bahwa sebelum ditimbang sudah pasti kita memakai plastik bening untuk menampungnya. cuma masalahnya orang kasir memberikan 1 plastik bening + plastik putih sbagai tambahan, katanya biar ga bocor kalau pecah(Alasannya bener, tapi tindakannya salah). Karena itu malah nambahin plastik lebih banyak!!

g) Akhirnya kasir mengerti dan menaruh semua dalam tas saya.

h) Senjata terakhir saya : ” Mbak, Itu ada green bag disitu, kenapa ga dipromosiin? sayang amat buang-buang plastik”

i) Senjata andalan kasir : “Iya.. Maaf Ibu”

-Percakapan ditutup-

Begitulah kondisinya. Mungkin tidak terjadi di semua supermarket yang namanya saya sebut, tapi bagaimanapun kasir itu kan frontlinenya perusahaan. Mestinya beliau-beliau ini sadar bahwa nama perusahaan juga dipertaruhkan.

Anyway, Support Shopping Bag for the future!!

Kraft KejuCake ……. Not so Cheesy

I love Kraft Cheese, but I don’t like its KejuCake …. (Translated into Cheese Cake, although not very cheesy).

# Price Review

around IDR 2100, which is Cheap. Therefore Acceptable

# Texture Review

Should’ve been like sponge-cake, but it isn’t soft enough to be a softcake.

# Taste Review

No Comment that leads to delicious. Really sorry to say about this, but

this doesn’t represent taste of Kraft cheese. If you ever eaten other cheesy sponge-cake product,

you will find similar taste. While Kraft been a leader in Domestic Cheese Product, this one is not very Kraftilicious.

# Promotion Review

Is this supposed to be segmented? This looks like product for Kids, but it isn’t.

What I’m concerned is : it targets all-age consumers, but it does less promotion to all age.

Parents will definitely buy for their kids because the animated-cow look so cute, but Kids probably don’t eat it as much

cause the taste is half-heartedly created. But Older people usually don’t buy snack that don’t fill their stomach.

Otherwise, Please re-create better taste..