My Food Policy

Many people seemed to envy why I could live healthy life. To be honest, I’m not 100% healthy living, and still working on it . When they asked me about recipe, I was even more confused because I just copied from many websites and modified it to suit my taste. It was nothing special. These are my food policy :


I cook most of my food (except when there are dine-outs), so I am aware of what I eat. I picked all veggies and meats/chicken by myself (needless to say, I don’t really trust other people for doing this). I consciously cut down salt/sugar amount when I did cooking, instead I use garlic/onion more than the recipe told, to get the savory. Most of time I cooked “boring-plain” food (that’s what some of my friends said when they tasted it)


Basically I eat everything but I’m being picky eater to certain foods which are : cow’s organ, anything with coconuts milk, lamb (because I don’t like it) and any “ugly” food (such as cow’s brain, fish head, chicken’s intestines). They are known to increase bad cholesterol level and plague in our veins (I won’t explain it, just ask doctors, they know better). As for me, these food made my body heavier in movement, and I just hate it.


I think this is one of basic advice any health tips would give you. but yeah, I do it most of the time. I tell waiter to bring me plain tea, instead of sweet tea. I don’t eat many sweet food in one day. I avoid cakes most of the time (it’s my least favourite snack).

Point #4 : Zero Soda Policy

I stopped drinking Soda (Cocacola, Sprite, Seven Up, bla bla bla) in Primary school. I never actually liked it from the start. Now I still don’t drink it.

Point #5 : Under 15-Minute Recipe

on par with #1, I always searched for recipe that can be done in less than 15 minute (in cooking time, not prep time). I love cooking but I don’t want to spend my entire day in the kitchen only to cook certain foods (this goes to Rendang, or similar indonesian food that require long period of cooking).


I wouldn’t lie that I love dine-out, but I dont make it a habit. and if I have to dine-out, I would choose “less complicated” recipe. I went to Pancake House, and ordered simple pancake (too many Oh-so delicious pancakes with long name in the menu). I went to Pizza hut, and ordered Salad + Tuscany Pizza (as far as I know,it’s the healthiest pizza in the restaurant). I try to avoid Soto with coconuts milk as much as possible (I ordered something with clear soup most of the time).


Recently, I fell in love with Edamame and Orange Juice. They are easily found in nearby supermarket and they don’t make me too guilty if I crave more. By the way, I still eat chocolates in moderate amount.


I like veggies. They are cheap and healthy. One of main reason to cut off meat is the price. Expensive! Besides, my bowel demands me to eat veggies more than normal, otherwise it gets stuck (you know what I mean)


Nothing special about my diet. I don’t go on weight-loss program either, but I like to stay in shape for my health.

Happy eating!



Author: onedust

House-Wife. Writer. Blogger. Translator. Chef. Mother. Possibly every other job.

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