Green Macaroni

Green Macaroni
Green Macaroni

I’ve been wanting to post this recipe for long time.. LOL too lazy am I?

This is Green Macaroni (Macaroni Hijau) taken from dapur umami recipe. But I didn’t follow most of the instruction, because it used too much MSG.


125 gr Macaroni, Boil with 1tbsp salt

50 gr grated cheese

75 ml cooking oil (50 ml to blend the leaf and garlic, 25 ml for frying)

75 gr broccoli (I use 100gr because I love it)

40 gr Lemon Basil Leaf

2 clove of garlic

175 ml milk

Optional : Cherry Tomato or Usual Tomato

How to cook

1. Cut broccoli, wash and set aside.

2. Blend Lemon Basil leaf, Garlic, and oil in food processor until smooth.

3. Heat up cooking oil, add blended ingredient, stir fry until fragrant

4. Add broccoli, mix well.

5. Add milk and grated cheese

6. Add Boiled macaroni, cook well until incorporated (liquid will thicken)

7. Serve hot with cherry tomato


Note : Original Recipe use 1 sachet of MASAKO chicken stock .. which I think will be way too salty.

I just used salt to adjust the taste.


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