Vegetable Spring Roll (Harumaki)

I’m hungry again and I want to eat something light but nutritious. I remember I still have Vietnam Rice Paper left, why not make vietnamese spring roll? I don’t have shrimp available, so I made it vegetarian.

Harumaki is easy recipe, but the most difficult part is rolling the thin wet-rice paper without tearing it.


Ingredient :




Bean sprout (put hot water, then drain)


Rice Paper

*Hoisin Sauce for dresssing (Brand : Lee Kum Kee


How to cook :

1) Prepare all ingredient (thinly sliced everything except beansprout)

2) Take one dried-rice paper from the pack, put in warm water till all side is wet, shake it a bit to remove excess water. Immediately place it in flat -clean surface. Arrange veggies in the center of rice papar nearest to us, wrap the veggies and roll over to close (wet rice paper is sticky and torn easily *careful :p )

3) Serve in a plate with Hoisin Sauce (click here for detail)

Vegetable Harumaki



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