Campina LuVe Litee Ice Cream


Campina Ice Cream released new product “LuVe Litee”, claimed to be the first vegan-friendly/diet-friendly/diabetic-friendly ice cream in Indonesia (Check out the url

This product said to have 3 advantages compared to other “usual” ice cream :

  1. Non-Dairy. They use Soya-based instead of cow Milk.
  2. Low Fat.  it goes by Soy-bean advantage.
  3. Vegan-Friendly. Because other Ingredients are Soya Protein, Vegetable fat, and Vegetable emulsifier.

(I’m reading the ingredient at the moment found no words that refer to non-veggies)

So Far, I have tried Raspberry Rosella.

LuVe Litee Raspberry Rosella Low Fat

my review on this :

  1. Packaging 110 ml is just sufficient enough for 1-2 servings. It’s easily hand-carry for picnic, and save lots of space inside freezer. Plus, it has (bonus)plastic spoon hidden inside the cap.
  2. (Maybe because it doesn’t contain dairy product) It melts very quickly in the room temperature. It only took less than 3 minutes since I started my first spoon till some of it melted.
  3. The taste was surprising. Raspberry, I tried. Rosella, I tried the tea. but combination of two is really unique. Plus, there’s one hidden surprise inside the ice cream, it looks like Raspberry Jam (or whatever, I can not describe).
  4. Sweetness, however, is the turning point. While they claimed it to be Diet-Friendly, it tasted TOO sweet. I wouldn’t lie, it’s actually sweeter than any same taste ordinary dairy ice cream I have tasted.  The Ingredient said Sugar, not some Aspartame or other Fake Sugar, which means it’s the Real Deal. So, I doubt if it’s still suitable for diabetic-consumers.

I’m trying the other 2 flavors, I hope it reaches my expectation.

After All, Who doesn’t want Healthy-Tasty-Free of Guilt- Ice Cream?



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