Quitting your Job : What others will say, and what you will say

I want to Quit Job!

I can say it outloud, without hesitation. Can you say it like I do?

Not everybody has the courage to say it, not even a slight thought, because other people will say far too many advices for them.

Start with : WHY do you want to quit?


continue with

employee A : Did you already find new Job?

employee B : You found better offer?

employee C : Don’t quit, this company already gave so much benefit to you..

employee D : How long will you want to keep looking for bigger money? This company pays you well

employee E : Are you sure you can find new job easily? these days people are struggling to find job

employee F : Really?? you are leaving?

employee G : You got better offer? Where?


Familiar with it?

Are you among these people who think that I’m making worst decision in my life?

Well.. It’s completely normal.


Sometimes Quit job doesn’t mean your life end, at least that’s what I believe. We quit job for many reasons, but we never tell our true reason.

Why ?

Because it will be the most ridiculous, out-of-common-sense type of reason everybody can think of. 

I have a friend who’s been in 10 companies in 2 years. Sounds familiar? I don’t know whether she hated her boss in 2nd job, or whether she had evil colleague in her 4th job. I don’t care at all. All I know is She had enough gut to admit that she didn’t belong to her 1st to 10th job, and quitted. Who cares what the other reason is?

and in other case, I found some friends who don’t even want to think of quitting their job because they are scared they will not get any job in the future.

Every day, especially saturday in local newspapers (or internet), many companies posted Job Vacancy .. It means,

A. There are still job vacancies everywhere

B. Unemployment exist, means we still have chance to get the Job

C. Many people aren’t qualified for the job, which leave us choices : Upgrading skill, or become another unemployed.



There is internet.

We’re lucky to live in 21st century, when anything can be money.

We can sell things on the web, or start our own business at our neighbourhood. In short, anything can be possible if you really look into it. So, why bother forcing yourself to stay on company you don’t like, socialize with friends you hate, ass-licking boss you don’t respect?  (I quoted some ideas from other Job-quitters)


so, again,

Do I have confidence to quit? YES

Do I have new job confirned? NO

Do I hate my old boss? NO

Do I hate my ex-colleague? NO

Do I hate my ex-office? NO


As for me, I only have one thing to say :


as simple as that.



Author: onedust

House-Wife. Writer. Blogger. Translator. Chef. Mother. Possibly every other job.

One thought on “Quitting your Job : What others will say, and what you will say”

  1. Yap! Just quit..that’s all 🙂
    I like your statement “We quit job for many reasons, but we never tell our true reason.”
    I wish your new journey the very best, Nares!

    – at a coincidental blog-surfing time :p –

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