4 P.M meals @Nanny’s Pavillon

Last week I went to Nanny’s Pavillion Sewing Room @Gandaria City with Family.

Nanny’s Pavillion has very interesting interior concept, which I found rather cute..


Original Pancake


Portabella mushroom Salad


My Husband


Grandpa drinking Cappuchino
Little sister


French Fries with CHEEZZ


Scrumptious Pancakes


Author @Nanny’s Pavillon


I forgot to take pics of the Sewing Room.. It was so fun seeing many sewing threads, Portable Sewing machine, Knitters on their cupboard. Also I asked one rhetorical question to the waitress ” Can I buy sewing threads here?”. Ofcourse the answer is no since it’s only decoration. but her expression was hillarious.


Food : Nice.. though not the most delicious one I’ve tasted

Decoration : Unique (Aw come on,, nobody has sewing room for their restaurant concept)

Service : not very timely manner .. they have to fix it.

Waitress Costume : Nice, Colorful, Cute (Remind me of Maid Cafe in Japan but with Polkadote )

Ambience : a little bit Jazzy tune. and  They might have to fix the lighting because too much white light, instead of warm daylight’s light.

Manner : nicely trained, although not the perfect one. This is general issue with any restaurant in Jakarta. The owners don’t invest on Manner Training.

Price : Medium to High End  .. Cafe Price.

Overall, I will come again for Brunch or 4 P.M meals but not for dinner..



Author: onedust

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