Extraordinary = Sin ?

Extraordinary = Sin?

Sorry.. this is just question I’ve been wanting to ask to .. Anyone.

Suppose you live in Society where groupthink takes dominant part.

Are you allowed to do something Extraordinary?

Does something extraordinary equal sin?


For here I will start with “IF”.. and only “IF”..

1) common talk about dream

Are you allowed to picture yourself  in bigger scene? I used to imagine myself in 20 times bigger scale, doing something not just usual, however my closest person said ” you can’t do that”. See how people love to steal somebody’s else dream. Do you recognize yourself in similar situation?

2) common talk about kids.

I must have such bravery to say such thing. but here people talk about kids as if it is so natural/and everybody must have one. Wow..  To see how society creates boundary/restriction/convention is really something. One thing to say is “this vagina belong to me, because it is attached to me.. and it’s not public property” .. in Society where people seem so close to each other, “vagina” is public property. Everybody is concerned how it’s going. well very debatable.. however true. Do you recognize yourself in similar situation?

3) common talk about this and that

Hey Hey.. so what if we have different perspective? One time I had LIGHT talk during lunch.. (with emphasizing Light).. it doesn’t mean to be argueable nor debatable nor leading to more serious one. It was simply LIGHT. However, one of participant who was literally older than me (chronological age, but not psychological age) debated my opinion and trying to turn conversation the other way around.. Geez.. Chill out Ladies.. Do you always do that just because I’m younger and appear more stupid than you? I never agree to any of those.. since well I’m not more of an idiot than you think I am. In fact, by the time you wanted to win the conversation, you will show yourself as idiot.

Ouch Can I say that? Hmm.. well in this very peaceful-discreet-unsincere society.. doing something like that is a sin.

Sometimes even if people do something normatively-stupid, we can’t do anything but following it. Why?

Because if you do something unnormatively-clever, you are wrong!

somebody who can answer my question without saying ” this is just how our society works”  is really appreciated.

Dude, if you are shallow thinker, and can not think of anything for yourself.. and only can copy-cat what everybody does -because everybody does it means you are on the right track? –  better prepare yourself for regular usual live and don’t ever dream of having greater life.


P.S : Dear God, please forgive me I have done a sin.


Author: onedust

House-Wife. Writer. Blogger. Translator. Chef. Mother. Possibly every other job.

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