Hypocrisy : Old Term, Old way, Recent Application

I can not help myself not to talk about this, since well everyone of us does it, possessed by it, or even live with it.

Hypocrisy came from word  “hypo” and “krinein“. “Hypo” means under. “Krinein” means to sift or decide (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypocrisy). Later many adjustment enriched the word, but bottomline is Hypocrisy have intrinsic meaning of Lacking ability to decide on their own. This is really old term (came from ancient greek), old way (people did it from centuries ago), yet it is always recent issue (have you encountered how many hypocrite in today’s world?).

Since when people learn to be hypocrite? Maybe since a little girl, or even littler when you are baby. We live in society where telling the truth is painful, yet not very fun to hear. So our ancestors created certain way to make others feel good about themselves (no matter how terrible a person he might be), and that ability been passed thru generation. We inherited their genes, we learned their mistake, we copied their hypocrisy. That is why it keeps alive in every generation.

Say, is it a good thing? hmm.. let me think.

Recent world, as we all live in it today, is pretty messed up. Human is getting more knowledgable, more intelligent, more awareness of society. So hypocrisy is a must. BUT, this is not a line I should be speaking. To be Frank, I hate it. I have done, I’ve been living with it, Yet I still can not get used to it. Why, because the more you do hypocrisy, the more it will reduce your ability to decide. To decide means to be brave enough to say this is what I want, or which side I am. We are in modern society, keeps playing an act, in order for society to continue, yet we are degrading inside. Example of result : you will see coward, liar everywhere. People are supposed to have brave heart, think big, and do Big. but now they are turning themselves into lower level of their awareness. If modern people must be put in war, can not imagine how many people will voluntarily say yes for frontliner. They will chicken out and say nice thing of “I am good with treating injured patients ” or something like it, while they are not any closer to medical background.


If everybody is good with being hypocrite, maybe we can all be actors and famous for sure. This is actually a pretty good softskill, so I encourage each of you to do wholeheartedly. If you can’t , just don’t do it. As simple as that. So talk is slightly changing from here. How should we make use of hypocrisy?

1) send your CV to talent agent, hopefully you’ll get auditioned

2) join a social network where everybody is complete strangers. You will end up being normative, and say really nice things.

3) date a guy who is totally loser, but praise him everytime with magic words “I love you”

4)stop being the real you. this may seem hard, but try to put someoneelse’s shoes and don’t return to your old shoe.

… and more….

500 people should read it and put into action. See how the world turn better and worse.

after all, it’s fun to observe.


Author: onedust

House-Wife. Writer. Blogger. Translator. Chef. Mother. Possibly every other job.

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