IDR : How should it be counted?

Since I live in Indonesia and IDR is the currency, I am always curios how Government made regulation of our currency. Being not having economic-background, I only could wonder and wonder how money system goes in my daily life. Now that I am officially a wife and financial regulator of the family, my curiosity goes way higher than before. Let’s make an example :

I went shopping in Alfamidi (one of nearest convenience/grocery store cause they sell veggies). I bought
BokChoy Leaf IDR 3,790
Eggplant IDR 6,118

Total IDR 16,523

How much did I pay?
If with Debit card, I can pay exact amount, but in case of CASH, It’s either IDR16,500 or IDR 17,000.
Come of think of it now, It is weird.

First) It is either Profit for the store or for me.
Seems like every transaction have to be decided on spot, by the cashier. If number goes more than x,600 as IDR 16,875.. then Cashier will automatically round it to IDR 17,000. Imagine if 1 day 100 customer with 100 of round-up-transaction, That goes the profit.

Second) No IDR 1/5/10/25 coin
I used to have IDR 50 coin, but refer to my experience, everybody rejected it as if it has no value. Which leaves more curiosity, Why bother making it if nobody use it? and why bother counting with fancy number if there ain’t real money to substitute the number? In bigger picture, accounting will calculate it on their device and find ” Okay, this month we lost about IDR 456789 or we got plus IDR 67898″. That goes very common in the report, but in reality we dont have the physical-money.

Third) Fair Calculation.

As I mentioned in point no.2, It is unfair for the citizen. IDR 1 coin (if exist) should save thousand of the poor. Not many people carry big amount of money  IDR 100,000 cash in reality.In most transaction, they would offer to trade IDR 50 or 100 coin with a candy. Say how much the candy actually worth???? then why candy? Can I trade with few grindle of peppers? Can I trade with one grain? Can I trade with one needle? That amount about the same. Honesty in handling money is an entry point to judge honesty in other field. No wonder we live in rotten-corrupted country. Because everybody is being negotiable. Money calculation is never negotiable.

As closing statement, I will tell a story about my exchange year in Japan.

In Japan,  ¥1 coin does have value. It’s smallest change yet people always use it. My truly best friend once had lots of ¥1 in his pocket. when he counted it, the total was almost ¥65, plus he got ¥50 coin, So all he had ¥115. Did it cover to buy one ONIGIRI (japanese rice ball)?? Yes! and the Cashier really didnt mind receiving 65 pcs of ¥1 coin.  SEE??

P.S : To Respectable Government, Small Money is never too small for a living. Big Money sometimes means nothing for a living. I wish somebody hear..


-Author (Says I am not that smart, but I do think)-


Author: onedust

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