Even an OCD needs a break

First of all, it doesn’t point to me.

Second, if all OCD never sleeps then what will it be like?



What it be like working 8 hrs a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year without any single break?

Wew.. I think I had once. Not exactly repeating it for another year. but bottom line is

Everybody needs  a holiday.

We got tired living in Indonesia, that’s for sure.

Are you trying hard enough but earning very little?

was there a time when you wish you could eat better than now?

was there a time when you wish you could breathe fresher air?

was there a time when you wish you could get much better salary?

I thought about all these idealism, and that made me an OCD.


Go out of the house every morning just to meet thousands of cars dropping off pollution which I sucked it right into my nose. wow, that’s crazy. but crazier for people who live those everyday, and still not wishing for a change. I think I am crazy, and I dont care, all I want is a better living, better environment, better air, better water. But most people aren’t agree with me, and they keep polluting in every way they want. Either I’m so much of idealistic-OCD, or I’m just an ordinary girl who luckily can manage my sanity among all lunatic people.

The other day I spent some time talking to my lunatic friend who think littering is O’kay. Well what makes he think like that? Now I’m guessing because too much Sulphur Dioxide ran through his blood, that’s why he couldn’t have proper reasoning and judgement. Therefore I’m expressing my condolence.

but so what? thinking about it again and again, meeting people like that again and again, discussing about it again and again.. dude I am officially needing anti-OCD. or I might need a break. The question lies : When am I going to take? and to where I’m escaping? Or maybe I will stop being OCD when everybody around me being release from Mental Hospital.

Otherwise, go figure yourself people. Maybe your brain gets polluted. but don’t pollute mine.

Then I will have long nice OCD-Free Holiday..

well… Later…


Author: onedust

House-Wife. Writer. Blogger. Translator. Chef. Mother. Possibly every other job.

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