Java-Avocado from Bengawan Solo Coffee

JFYI : I am not a Coffee Person. I’m Tea lover. My Coffee consumption per annum is 5 glass at most.

But I feel like I have to review Hot Java Avocado from Bengawan Solo Coffee.

I bought BengSol Coffee at the airport after waving goodbye to my dad who went to Turkiye. My mom, brother, and sister love to hang out in coffee shop while I don’t. She said I should try to drink and relax once in a while. So I decided to order Cold Java Avocado.

This is my review :

1) About the Service

I usually complain a lot how food/beverage industry services here are far from satisfying. but for this case, I praised 2 times for the serving speed and warm hospitality. The Barista is only alone, but he somehow managed to serve 7 drinks in less than 5 minutes. Two Thumbs Up Yo! I was still waiting my cold beverage when he said ” my apology miss, but we ran out of Whip-Cream, Are you okay without it?” I thought no cold coffee can be good without Whipping Cream, then I replied, ” Well then, please change to Hot one please”. Well, it’s still less than 5 minutes serving time.

2)About The  Price

It costs about Rp 24,000. Not too expensive with same size as Regular Starbucks (oops I did mention brand again, sorry).

3)About The Taste

Here comes the Best Part.

I absolutely have no idea of how to make this beverage.

Java Avocado means, either ” Javanese Coffee with Avocado taste” or ” Avocado drink with a scent of Javanese Coffee”. Which I instantly got confused after one sip. Drink in a sip, let it flow through your mouth, first you will taste sweet and bitterness of the coffee, paused for 1-2 second, the taste will change from Coffee to Avocado. I feel 2 sensations in just 5 seconds. The Secret Formula is “never drink all in one shot, coz you are gonna miss the whole experience”.

Whether it’s just the Barista being too skillfully blending the coffee, or it just the franchisor developed too good of a recipe. Anything is fine. You definitely should try it!


Author: onedust

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