why women don’t mind pain at beauty clinic

As I am writing this, I am currently in a famous skin clinic (Erha clinic) in Jakarta. Why am I writing this while I am in the middle of queue for treatment. Though the answer is obvious, I keep wondering why women don’t mind a bit (or a lot) of pain at beauty clinic.

The other day when I was recalculating monthly expense with my husband. He ended up with topic : ” Honey, how much is your beauty cost??” .

Whoops.. Sensitive Question for most female.

I was about to go mad, knowing that Men buy their toys (Gadget and everything) and think that it’s not much of the expense.. Please guys!

but calmly , logically think ,and answer like this :

“Well, I need to look good. This is my asset. Can you imagine what it’ll be like if I don’t care of what I look? Attractive people makes better salary, and It’s sorta form of appreciation to others. Have you ever thought  here it is one way to show others that husbands taking care of their wives well enough?”

Here goes my persuasion..

though I am 100% sure, he is hard to convince.

why women don’t bother getting pain at beauty clinic, here is the answer :

1) Every woman wants to look beautiful.

Despite the denial every minority has, This fact is 100% accurate. What I mean by minority is certain woman who thinks she is not beautiful,  or doesn’t have enough money to buy facial foam, then she adopts defend-mechanism called Intellectualism. saying ” well, people don’t judge book by its cover”.

2)Woman needs a lot of appreciation, especially from man.

Absolute fact, even if many people deny. Admit it, woman like when man say, ” wow, you are very beautiful”. It give them a heartbeat, sweat, and warm feeling. Just naturally like that.

3) Women’s body is built of steel.

If you can handle menstrual pain, if you can handle baby-delivery, then some thin needles for facial treatment means nothing. Plus, we should be proud of ourself because we are allowed to cry. Crying ease the pain and built more strength. what a wonderful creation God made here.

4) Women aware the fact that they are fragile.

Anyone who wear high-heels, stilletto, make-up, and bestowed name of female are fragile. we are like broken glass. It’s biological to feel insecure and wanting something more to perfect our body. Ohhh.. we are so not in high-esteem level (not trying to offend any people with good self-esteem).

Well, then back to my honey with his arguments, We women have rights to defend our right to become more beautiful. This society is cruel enough treating women like objects. while we try to treat ourselves as normal human being, the pain keeps continuing..



(Sigh) It’s tough to be woman.


Author: onedust

House-Wife. Writer. Blogger. Translator. Chef. Mother. Possibly every other job.

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