Kraft KejuCake ……. Not so Cheesy

I love Kraft Cheese, but I don’t like its KejuCake …. (Translated into Cheese Cake, although not very cheesy).

# Price Review

around IDR 2100, which is Cheap. Therefore Acceptable

# Texture Review

Should’ve been like sponge-cake, but it isn’t soft enough to be a softcake.

# Taste Review

No Comment that leads to delicious. Really sorry to say about this, but

this doesn’t represent taste of Kraft cheese. If you ever eaten other cheesy sponge-cake product,

you will find similar taste. While Kraft been a leader in Domestic Cheese Product, this one is not very Kraftilicious.

# Promotion Review

Is this supposed to be segmented? This looks like product for Kids, but it isn’t.

What I’m concerned is : it targets all-age consumers, but it does less promotion to all age.

Parents will definitely buy for their kids because the animated-cow look so cute, but Kids probably don’t eat it as much

cause the taste is half-heartedly created. But Older people usually don’t buy snack that don’t fill their stomach.

Otherwise, Please re-create better taste..


Author: onedust

House-Wife. Writer. Blogger. Translator. Chef. Mother. Possibly every other job.

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