Let me take you down… cause I’m going to strawberry field…

Sorry the Beatles for taking your song phrase…. I’m big fan of yours.


on my way back from Uncle’s wedding, our family stopped at Liwet Pak Asep Stroberi (Literally, There is Nasi Liwet and Strawberry). it’s somewhere between Nagreg and Limbangan (Correct me if I’m wrong) , about 1-2 hour from Bandung (Capital city of West Java). In short this is my description about the Liwet Pak Asep Stroberi :

Although not very much relaxing as in Spa or Esthe Salon, Strawberry with a little bit of greens and silence are great for mind refreshing. As the facility needs to be improved, the nature itself already won 10 points by its wooden hut. It’s worth the money I can assure you….

the hut in my horizon

Upon arriving, I’ve satisfied my eyes with loads of greens… I Love green..

check this out.

stop by between Bandung-Tasik to enjoy this scenery..

Hope you like it


Author: onedust

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