Winter in Osugi : Hidden Secret

As long as I can remember, I’m nature lover who tend to absorb nature’s beauty and originality.

(that is why I despise anyone who built real estate in a place where it supposed to for natural preservation)

Winter time in Osugi, Village if not town, located in Komatsu, Ishikawa Prefecture Japan.

Why am I promoting Japan while I’m not local.. It is something called appreciation and love.

thinking about snowball playing, warm chicken soup while looking through window glass, or just observing the blizzard sitting on the carpet with floor heating system? I can not do that in tropical country.

Owner of this house, Westerhout, been in the area for more than 5 years.

I remember he said about village consist of 75 head of family, means at least about 300 people.

which I found it resemble to historical story back in shogun day where people live in a close circle, inhabiting one are of mountain. Well I can’t say for sure that my information is correct.

by the way, though I put the title Winter in Osugi : Hidden Secret, I am so lazy to reveal what’s the secret is…

you know what.. because It’s still a secret to me. for instance, above pics with 4 japanese characters I don’t know how to read it. It’s a statue not far from westerhout lodge. why is it there? He didnt tell me.

Someone should tell me why he is here

small town full of secret..

you should go there to unreveal it.


Author: onedust

House-Wife. Writer. Blogger. Translator. Chef. Mother. Possibly every other job.

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